Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has HB&M been in business?

A: Harris, Baio & McCullough – HB&M – was formed as a partnership in 1986. HB&M is privately held and not part of any agency conglomerate.

Q: Is the Philadelphia office your only location?

A: Philadelphia is our primary location and creative hub, but we have staff in other locations. Our subsidiary HB&M Sports is located in Charlotte, NC, and our Chinese partner agency has six offices in Greater China.

Q: With a Philadelphia base, how geographically widespread are your clients?

A: HB&M serves clients in locations ranging from San Diego to Chicago to Memphis to Atlanta, and from Gothenburg (Sweden) to Shanghai – as well as the Philadelphia area. Our personnel make regular trips to Europe and throughout the US. And of course, we make extensive use of all the latest electronic/digital tools that allow us to be in touch and involved with clients anywhere around the globe. Our collective work for clients is or has been used in roughly 20 countries worldwide.

Q: How do you define “marketing communications” as in your logo?

A: There’s no short answer, but “marketing communications” is a good umbrella phrase for most of what we do. For example, we would include an internal company newsletter, or a community outreach event under our definition. For investors, a sustainability report. For a cancer-awareness campaign, a non-commercial message is appropriate. These may not be “marketing communications” in everyone’s book, but we think they fit our umbrella definition, along with the competitive selling messages and branding materials we create as “regular” marketing communications for our clients.

Q: Is your agency anything like Mad Men?

A: We’ll answer that with a question – is the current TV sitcom Modern Family anything like Leave it to Beaver? To give you a straight answer, obviously many things have changed in our business since Mad Men times, just as they have for most businesses. While people haven’t really changed that much, technology has made an enormous difference in how we do things. Our challenge is to keep abreast of technology and make it work to the benefit of our clients. And to your question, we meet these challenges in a smoke-free, alcohol-free environment.

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